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The reason for a blog about knitwear

Blog dedicato alla maglieria

The reason to start a blog about knitwear is linked to the 54-year long roots of the Hosio brand reaching up to a small knitwear company, founded in 1962 by my parents.

The memories of my teenage years are those of days spent in learning, alongside my father, everything I could.

It was there, I think, that my passion was born, a passion that is still alive and that I continuously feed adding to my know-how innovative experimental techniques, which I apply to the garments collection after collection.

Currently, I define our knitting laboratory as an ‘artistic laboratory’ for knitting art, where we integrate a knowledge today almost forgotten with external contaminations coming from other sectors.

I believe that knowledge is the only value that is expanded by sharing it. That is why I decided to share my knowledge through a blog, allowing readers to learn more about knitting, its history and its contemporary life.

origini della maglieria Hosio