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The single jersey knitted fabric

I perché di una maglia rasataWhy the single jersey knitted fabric: I personally use this type of manufacturing very often in my collections, because its simplicity makes it a light weight and versatile knit and enhances the quality of the thread.

Why you need one: Its light weight, flexibility and practicality makes it a must for the ‘modern’ man. It can be used to complete your outfit as an over-shirt or t-shirt, in the perspective of a multi-layered clothing style that prefers many thin layers instead of few, heavy ones.

If you want to know more: The essential material for any type of knitting is the thread. A bunch of fibers, natural or synthetic, spun to obtain a compact, strong and regular unit, basically A THREAD.

Knitting (with needles or machines) is a method that allows to obtain a ‘fabric’ not by braiding a warp and a weft made of many threads as in weaving, but only by working one single thread,creating multiple loops of yarn, called stitches, interlocked to each other in a two-dimensional chain. The way in which the yarn is processed, generating the different knits, defines its processing methods itself. The essential and fundamental process all knitwear points are based on is the single jersey knit. A knit that has a different appearance depending on the side from which it is observed: the face side is the straight while the back side is the reverse.

Curiosity: in Italian‘single jersey knit’ is translated as ‘maglia rasata’.

I perché di una maglia rasata