my Hosio style

Which came first the yarn or the color?

About how materials influence colors.

Do you know how I choose the colors of my collections? Do I begin from the yarn, the knit or the color?

I will tell you a little secret: it is the nature of the material itself and of its features that drives the color nuances of the collections.

There are bright threads and others that are not, threads with two or three-dimensions, threads that depending on their nature are more suitable for cold or bold colors. All this without affecting the quality of the garment itself.


The following are the features of some threads I have used for the HOSIO SS2016 collection:

  • Silk is a noble thread, lively and bright, suitable to be used both with cold and smoky colors and with very strong ones.
  • Cotton is a matt fiber, flat and very smooth, which does not respond well to color perception. Therefore it must be produced in strong or definite colors.
  • Linen is a very natural thread, often irregular and associated with the presence of ‘slubs’. This feature makes it three-dimensional and therefore suitable both for cold and darker colors.

Usually, during the study phase of the collections,it is the material that I choose to drive the color tone.

Think about it: if the material shapes my choices,it shapes even yours as you will be those wearing that garment. When you open the closet and decide what to wear, similarly you go into a shop and buy what you really like (after the choice, of course). And even when you simply choose one color you are actually interpreting the thought of the person who designed it. I wonder if this is the real ‘thread’  that links us.


speaking about colors remember that:

  • Green is the most easily analyzable color for human sight and has a relaxing effect
  • Orange is mostly linked to aggression and pushes to buy on instinct