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Beetle Jacket – is slubbed blue for the Spring-Summer 2016

The Beetle Jacket is the iconic and representative jacket of Hosio collections. For the Spring-Summer we propose it in the slubbed blue version. What kind of process are we talking about and why should you get one of this jackets?

The meaning of slubbed fabric

The processing of slub (also called ‘flammé’ or ‘fiammato’ in Italian) is the result of a proper and precise research of materials and experimental techniques, regularly achieved in our ‘workshop’. The inspiration came to me when thinking about the disturbed or empty channels of old television sets, then the same idea evolved into the graphic concept of glitch art which drove me to develop the Fall-Winter collection.

If you want to know more: I have called it slubbed because this term is used to define a yarn with slight knots and knobbles, which can be seen as thicker, raised threads on the fabric surface. These ‘imperfections’ of dimension and color define the true character of the yarn. In my case the character is given by the color’s effect.
To make my slubbed knit it was necessary to take a two-color thread, which, when twisted in a specific way during the processing, give rise to an irregular striped effect throughout its length. The choice and the development of the processing have been decisive to achieve a knit with the same effect and weight of a fabric. All this allowed the jacket to acquire specific features of comfort and lightness, but at the same time of precision and almost of tailored fit.

img_7735cWhy would you want it: The reason is very simple, because the Beetle Jacket is the 3.0 jacket, that is to say the modern evolution of the traditional jacket. A garment offering a new perspective in terms of comfort and fit. It is the meeting point between knitwear and outerwear. A deconstructed garment that combines the jacket’s functionality, elegance and modern tailoring, with those of the knit in terms of comfort and practicality.
Basically it is the garment needed by a dynamic man who wants to feel comfortable in every moment of the day, without sacrificing style.
The slubbed version is a gritty version, a garment with a strong personality, which allows cross-matching outfits and can be worn in elegant and informal occasions.

I have chosen to produce it only in blue and white variants because I think it is a fresher and more elegant combination, particularly suitable for the “HOSIOSTYLE” look.

Curiosity: In the Universal dictionary of fabrics the term ‘slubbed’ corresponds to a technical defect on the yarn, due to the irregular thickness of the surface. By creating the slubs on purpose at scheduled intervals, we get a fancy yarn for knits and fabrics, for example as shantung.

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