my Hosio style


Did you know that choosing the right combination of colors is not as easy as you think?

How do we create the color combinations of Hosio collections and which nuances must never be mixed? The brand designer, Roberto Vavassori, tells us aboutFor the color matching of Hosio collections I always start from the outfit tops, then I match trousers for which I choose neutral shades. I prefer to focus on colors and patterns only on my collection’s tops.

One of my strongpoints? The neutral color always applied in cold shades. White must be optical or off-white, but never ivory white.

Hosio maglieria blogBlue, considered as the New Black, is one of my favorite colors. I like the development it had over time, from a classic shade it evolved into a fresher and newer one. I think it is a horizontal color. In the SS 16 collection I have proposed it in various shades, matched with white, with graphics and also in the slubbed version.

Gray beige, which I consider the warmest of neutral colors, is for me the New Brown. As a passe-partout, I have used it in many combinations of the new winter collection A/W 16/17.

Just some tips on colors matching: I recommend that you use no more than two for your outfits and, please, avoid to wear together (for example) red with green or red with yellow.

As for patterns, I suggest that you combine them with a solid color garment but never match pattern with pattern.

Last but not least, to match colors correctly, you need to consider your figure. The colors we like are not always suitable to enhance our body, moreover, do not forget that black and blue are basically appropriate for everyone, while white and light colors tend to highlight flaws and to mark body shape.

When choosing colors, do not forget that the effect of different shades on our mood is a matter of fact. Warm tones, such as shades of red, have the property to improve mood, pressure, heart rate and muscles activity, while cold ones, such as blue, are instead useful in cases of anxiety and muscle tension.’