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S/S 17 – About deadlines, time (that is never enough) and something that is always missing!

We are almost there, the work started 6 months ago is ready or rather almost ready! Yes, because usually if there is something that is never finished until the very last minute before the notorious deadlines, it is a new collection!

Which deadlines we are talking about? Pitti Immagine Uomo 90 Edition (with presentation of the collection to the buyers and photo shooting) and TRANOÏ Paris, both in about 10 days!

First of all, let us begin to present this new collection that has a very specific name: ‘URBAN GLOBETROTTER’. A mix between classical graphics and ethnic patterns where colors, starting from a neutral background – Ivy green (in all its shades) and lndigo Blue (intended as a new classic and a versatile hue) – are animated by bright shades highlights.

But why do we say that it is never finished? Because it happens that the designer – giving one last glimpse to the collection hanging in his ‘den’ and checking again the polka-dot jackets recalling the ethnic graphics and the striped knits reinterpreted in a Ethno/Chevron perspective – suddenly notices that something is missing. What was missing, for example, last night at the Spring/Summer 17 collection about to be carried to the Pitti show?

A knit was missing! A knit that, magically, succeeded to give that final touch of harmony and coherence to a part of the collection, perfectly merging with the garments already completed and set for presentation.

hosio_blog_italian_styleThe latest arrival is a knit, partially open-work, with a laddered-effect in cotton and linen with a rustic touch and a pearly gray color.

Clearly our internal ‘artistic laboratory’ helps us a lot in the achievement of these last-minute final touches. The possibility to think about what is missing, go up one floor, explain what we want and have it done in a very short time, is one of the key features and main strengths of our company and of knitting art that permeates the whole Hosio world.

Do you want to see this famous knit? Here is a glimpse.

So the password of the new collections is #workinprogress…until the last minute.