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The knit of Summer: Jersey

In the collective imagination the concept of knitting is always related to garments used to keep people warm and therefore it is neverassociated with summer temperatures.

The reality is quite different.

hosio_blog_italian_styleToday’s article begins from here: We talkabout the jersey knit that we can easily define SUMMER. It is a cut knit, extremely fine and thus impossible to produce as fully-fashioned knitwear. The reason is very simple and clear, even for the less technically-inclined of you: There are no machines able to weave and knitsuch finesses.

A simple but effective example of what we are talking about is the T-Shirt! Did you know that T-Shirt is technically a jersey? Jersey T-Shirts are produced with knitting machines, they are stretchy in both length and width and, whenproduced with chain stitches, they gain run-resist features (I will tell more about it in a future post). They can be plain, striped or flamed ifa slubbed yarn is used.

In Hosio summer collections T-Shirts are always present, strongly linked to our heritage, and perfectly fitting to our concept of softness and comfort. They can be worn alone or, for a very cool look, you can overlap and reverse them. That is to say: What should be above goes below and vice versa.

The secret to choose the perfect model? It must be slim but not too tight (it should not mark the body) and if you are fans of the oversize style remember: Choose comfortable but not too large T-Shirts, the baggy effect does not suit anyone.