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Our blog has reached its first 4 months

Our blog has reached its first 4 months and thanks to your very positive feedbacks, we will share with you the TOP 3 topics: We list them in alphabetical order, presenting you the most widely read and discussed articles, i.e. the ones you liked most during this period. For each of them we have made a small summary:

hosio_blog_italian_styleBeetle Jacket
The Beetle Jacket is the iconic and representative jacket of Hosio collections. Why should you have one? The reason is very simple, because the Beetle Jacket is the 3.0 jacket, that is to say the modern evolution of the traditional jacket. A garment offering a new perspective in terms of comfort and fit. It is the meeting point between knitwear and outerwear. A deconstructed garment that combines the jacket’s functionality, elegance and modern tailoring, with those of the knit in terms of comfort and practicality. Basically it is the garment needed by a dynamic man who wants to feel comfortable in every moment of the day, without sacrificing style.

Gauge 16
Fineness is for knitting as carats are for diamonds: they are both indicators of measure and pureness. Why you findhosio finezza 16 it HOSIO collections? We love gauge 16 because we believe it is sophisticated, light, wraparound and very soft. Hosio is the right environment for a process that has the advantage of offering a versatile and transversal product, at the same time iconic and representative of our identity, built on knitwear and experience. Gauge 16 helps us to express new concepts and make new experiments by integrating, for example, its basic version both with three-dimensional or fantasy pattern stitches.

Jersey is a cut knit, extremely fine and thus impossible to produce as fully-fashioned knitwear. The reason is very simple and clear, even for the less technical: There are no machines able to weave and knit such finesses.
A simple but effective example of what we are talking about is the T-Shirt! Did you know that T-Shirt is technically a jersey? Jersey T-Shirts are produced with knitting machines, they are stretchy in both length and width and, when produced with chain stitches, they gain run-resist features (I will tell more about it in a future post). They can be plain, striped or slubbed.

Let us close with a sentence beloved by the creator of this website, Roberto Vavassori, who strongly wanted this blog: Knowledge is the only value that is expanded by sharing it’

And when talking about knitting, its history and its contemporary life only few could really beat him!