my Hosio style


What if we go to discover how a Hosio knitwear is born, what would find behind the scenes?

Who is or rather who are the people belonging to the ‘artistic laboratory’, the heart and soul of Hosio?

Which are the strategic steps supporting my stylistic/technical training thanks to the know-how of my coworkers?

Let us start with the ‘artistic laboratory’ and with the people.

hosio_blog_italian_styleMy ‘artistic laboratory’ is a place where technology blends harmonically to handicraft. The place where tests and trials are done, always looking for that special extra detail, the one that in the end really makes the difference and marks the quality of Hosio garments.

The movements and the pleasant noise of the looms and of the working people make this lab a place outside time and space, far away from profit rules. The human factor here is still crucial! Without the craftsmanship, which has been handed down since the 60s, when it was founded, the machines in this laboratory would be totally useless.

Present and future heritage keeps its roots in history, everything starts from here.

Every person in my team has a role and accomplishes precise operations. The choice of thread, the definition of design, the cut, the fit interpretation apparently all seem to be mechanical steps but they are the key points that together with the ‘knowledge’ of knitters and that of who has been called ‘the magical little man’, lead to the success of a collection.

In my the next post I will guide you in discovering our workshop, through a virtual tour going from the thread to the finished garment. Please remember that everything always starts from the IDEA, but the result depends on experience and experimentation.

A sketch, a drawing or a picture is the starting point.

I want you to know that the objective with capital “o” is always the first prototype, then soon I will guide you through the processes of its realization.