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Backstage part 2: The first step is the prototype

What do we really do in practice?

Interpretation is the first step of our work, or rather, the first experiments are those on the application of the knit stitch. Its compactness is very important as it determines lightness and softness. In Jacquard, knit yield in terms of colors and dimensions is more important than the design. Then the ‘magical little man’ translates my idea and through his supervision, his CAD and his virtual loom, test after test, we get the final result. My technical background, achieved after years of learning and experience in the field, allows me to quickly empathize with him in order to hit faster our target.

10The study of shape and fitting is the next step. We set measures and dimensions according to the requirements of the final garment. This work must be done simultaneously with the previous step, because in fully fashioned knit the result is usually made of four panels already in shape: Front, back and the two sleeves.

The panels are then assembled by our seamstresses and finished with various borders, buttonholes, buttons and more. All operations are performed both with the aid of sewing machines and manually, with needle and thread.

Then we usually make the fulling (the washing of the garment). This operation removes thread impurities so that the knit becomes soft and firm. This step is essential also because it stabilizes knit measures so that they can stand up to future washing and wash-out treatments .

Ironing is the last step where ironing machines with steaming plans are used.

The result is the first prototype, ready to be tested, modified, evaluated and approved but, at times, also discarded and ready to start again the test process.

hosio_blog_italian_styleIn all this craftsmanship tradition is a lever for innovation and creativity. Our wealth of experience allows us to know in depth materials and processing techniques and is the foundation for continual testing, a milestone in the constant evolution of the Hosio collections.

So never trust appearances: All knits are not the same as well as all laboratories are not “art laboratories”.