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The knitter’s tools

At this point of our blog, I would like to talk about, besides knitting, of the essential tools to make it: Namely the tools of a knitter.

As a child my second home was our knitting laboratory. Years of cohabitation allowed me to realize that people and their manual skills are still those of the past, while tools and machines have evolved, grown, changed and aged.

Knitwear is always knitwear, but knitters’ tools obviously have changed a bit.

Basically we use:

  • looms for the weaving (to process thread into panels)
  • sewing machines also called linking machines
  • fulling machines (for the final washing)
  • and of course needle and thread

Let us begin, in a simple and intelligible way, from the loom.

hosio_blog_italian_styleKnitting is an ancient art, it was manually made with instruments called needles or knitting needles. The invention of the loom mechanized the process.

In fully fashioned or shaped knitwear the machine is said ‘flat’, because it is structurally made of a flat bar on which needles, placed in specific beds, are moved by a slide, known as ‘carriage’, that moves backwards and forwards across these needle beds, working the needles to selectively knit, tuck or transfer stitches. This process creates the knit itself.

Modern knitting machines can not only work complex cycles of knit formation, but can also allow the creation of multiple designs and colors.

Once Italian companies were among the world leaders in the manufacturing of these machines, but today they are only two foreign producers, a German and a Japanese one.

Making knitted garments is an art and seeing the concretization of an idea you kept in mind for a while but that you were not sure to achieve in the proper way, is always a thrill.

We can say that the machines of our ‘artistic laboratory’ are one with those working with them. They are loyal and reliable companions we treat with care and respect, just as our knowledge, because they represent the medium allowing us to continue a tradition: Ours. A life of Italian knitwear bonded to who we are and to our territory.