my Hosio style

A/W 17/18 Work in progress

When making a new collection, I always identify myself with those who will wear it, focusing on the sensations the Hosio garments will give once worn.
My aim is making of them some kind of second skin, they should be not too tight or stiff but wrapping: Comfort has to be the leitmotiv of the whole collection.

hosio_blog_italian_styleResearch and experimentation constantly push me to get closer and closer to the modern consumer, who needs to dress comfortably to face an increasingly active and dynamic daily routine.
When we talk about knitwear it is simple to develop this concept as knit itself is cozy, soft, in one word just comfortable.
In a previous article I have already told you why the Beetle Jacket – the iconic jacket representative of our brand – embodies the ultimate expression of this philosophy as a meeting point between knitwear and outerwear.

But when it comes to other pieces of the collection the concept of stretch is the one that best helps me to be consistent with what I have called the ‘Hosiostyle’.
Stretch fabric allows softer garments to be worn easily but in more fitted items it increases the freedom of movement without affecting line and style.

hosio_blog_italian_styleBeing comfortable with clothes in every moment of the day is the first necessity of those who choose Hosio garments. The Hosiostyle is born right here, that is what customers look for and that is my goal collection after collection.

The A/W 17-18 collection is being developed following this idea, therefore the choice of materials, changes and additions is also made keeping all this clearly in mind.

So full speed ahead with the A/W 17-18 collection in the spirit of Hosiostyle!