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Clear the way please, the designer’s syndrome is coming!

After more than 20 years breathing in the world of clothing, we can quietly say that the designer’s syndrome affects everyone and when we say everyone, believe me, we really mean all those who, in one way or another, are coming into contact with a new collection.

The designer’s syndrome is that uncontainable impulse that drives people to express opinions, suggestions and changes, when coming into visual contact with the new creations.

hosio_blog_italian_styleGenerally (and now imagine to hear in the background a science TV show theme song), people suffering from this syndrome also show specific postures while studying the new items: We have the meticulous guy, who, with arms crossed, X-rays all the garments, ending with the typical solemn sentence ‘something is missing’.
There is the guy who, touching all the garments skillfully, suggests last-minute changes such as ‘here 2 welt pockets should be added’ or ‘there the collar should be changed’ and even ‘in that line I would add 3 more items and, why not, also some color’.

There is one thing that few people understand: Collections are for a designer like sons to whom he can say anything, but when others touch them he…sees red!

Then, of course, he applies his self-control and calmly explains that the colors have been studied for something like 6 months and have been designed to work on the entire collection. Then no, nothing is missing because the collection is divided according to a precise merchandising structure, made to satisfy all the needs and again, no, the collar cannot be changed because we had already done 5 tests and the only suitable one is that one!

Joking aside, obviously all the suggestions are not the same and some changes will be surely made, but every time all of this is emotionally very challenging for the poor designer.

Unfortunately the antidote to the designer’s syndrome has not been invented yet and we seriously doubt it can be defeated, but hope is the last to die. So, on behalf of all fashion designers, we finish with an unanimous ‘I have a dream’. Guess what? The cure for the designer’s syndrome!