i am going to tell you a story

…one of those that I know very well!

I’m talking about my family story and the thread, connecting the Hosio brand to a small knitting laboratory founded in 1960.

My parents, Erminio and Maria Rosa, started it like a bet and thanks to their great passion, determination and patience, piece after piece they managed to change both their fate, becoming small businessmen and teaching me the ropes.

Everyone is master of its own destiny, but if since childhood you breathe the air of a knitting laboratory, then we can call mine a spontaneous choice.

When in 2014 the Hosio brand was born, the purpose was to protect and give continuity to all that had been built over time, to keep talking about quality, values and “made in Italy”, but also about that kind of awareness “you never stop learning”.

When creating a new collection, I often recall my father’s words: ‘First of all you must like the knit you make; if you are ready to wear it, then it means also others will’.

The current Hosio headquarter is no longer the old one, but the ‘artistic laboratory’ is somehow always the same, we also kept some old sewing machines as our ‘security blanket’.

Il laboratorio .1

Over time our know-how have been transmitted to our current staff, that I consider the most important asset of my company.

 Without our experience and solid tailoring background, based on the deep knowledge of the yarn and all production machineries, this project wouldn’t have been possible.

Knitwear is the focus of Hosio collections and is ennriched with new trousers, shirts and accessories inspired by the contemporary-chic look, for a modern and sophisticated man.

“ You can’t invent quality, is something you reach after many years of experience. Knitwear will always be a big handicraft and never an industry.”

Roberto Vavassori.

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