Colors, the unknown territory

If there is a topic on which there is a huge difference between men and women it is that of color perception and matching.
Let us start from this premise: Men are less interested in color compared to women and consequently their awareness is often, so to speak, ‘restricted’ or at least less refined.
Want an example? Think about gray.

For a woman there are: Smoke gray, dark gray, mousey gray, pearl gray, ice gray, dove gray.

For a man, there is just one gray! Smarter or engaged men distinguish at most light and dark grey.
It turns out that color matching is for the male (who dresses by himself) a kind of a tricky subject.
Apparently in recent years men’s fashion has changed and evolved a lot in terms of shades, shifting to unusual combinations and generating confusion in those who did not receive at birth the gift of colors matching.

First of all, when talking about color matching we must clarify some essential concepts, since the shades we like do not always fit us. Never forget that even for men the rule is: Let us deal with the fact that everything is not meant to fit everyone!

Sometimes you just need a little of taste and common sense to make the right choices. Therefore follows our key tips:

  1. Use few colors, 2 or maximum 3
  2. Create a cross-reference between the colors of your outfit
  3. Choose only one contrasting color

And finally, never forget that, in color matching you should also consider your complexion, so some shades will have a enlivening effect, while others will make your face look darker.