SS 18 – ‘Milano Unica’ Exhibition: Kitsch & Chic

As you know, the Hosio creativity machine never stops, so just few days after the presentation of the Fall/Winter 17-18 collection, we start over with the Spring/Summer 2018.

Besides Pitti Filati, the most appropriate event to catch ideas and trends relevant to the new collection is ‘Milano Unica’.

This year the most inspiring macro trends, both from the knitting, designs and colors points of view, were for me the following three:
1. The lightness, thinness and purity of the yarns matched and contaminated by an unusual richness of sophisticated processing obtained through embroidery and applications.
2. The Activewear while remaining a strong trend is to be considered just a co-star, maintaining a role in the aesthetic details but not in the functional ones. The need for a clothing linked to the urban functionality stands as an increasingly successful and effective trend.
3. The contamination of hyperrealistic jacquard, color plays of embroidery and applications will lead the Spring/Summer 18 Future Trend to a Kitsch & Chic style.

And now comes the most difficult task, giving voice to all these challenges and ideas according to the Hosio DNA, mixing the established features of #Hosiostyle with the current fashion trends. Can we make it?

Posterity will judge and we will raise again the matter in June 2017!