There’s a hole in my sweater!

We start this new post of the Hosio Blog with a good question: Do you think that garments made by knitting machines are free from defects?
Well, in general they are, but sometimes a fault may occur: For example it may happen to find a hole in the knit. In this case, the only option is whether you can repair it or not.

hosio_blog_italian_styleThe irreversible fault occurs in knitting when the thread breaks, in all other cases the defect is repairable through human intervention.
In our ‘artistic laboratory’ the person responsible of remedies for machine faults is known as ‘fairy hand’. She is the one who manually replicates with the greatest skill the perfect sequence of knit’s chains stitches and that with a painstaking work performs repairs where the machine has failed.

The real skill is therefore not in manufacturing garments without defects, but in knowing how to fix them.

And now comes the real curiosity. As in all things there are rules and exceptions.

The general rule is, of course, to produce garments without holes, but the exception wants holes to become a stylistic component. That is why in our latest collections we have specifically chosen to make knitwear with holes. Therefore holes, in addition of being defects, are also trendy elements especially when placed in knitting. In this case, we can also indulge in creating asymmetric or irregular holes for innovative and unexpected models.

Here below an example of one of our punctured items!