Our Pants Palette

Slim or straight? Pleated or flat? Wool or velvet? Chinos or classic? Casual or formal? Choosing pants depends on many things – your body type, your lifestyle, the circumstances, but also your style. Here’s how to choose the best pair.

TAILORED PANTS. These are classic pants in stretch wool twill, a source of incomparable comfort and aesthetic sophistication. The slightly lowered crotch makes them perfect for all occasions: a formal look with a three button, double breasted jacket, for example, or more casual style with a sweater and andy loafers. You can wear them with a slight break over the shoes, or much shorter to show off your footwear.

CHINOS. Chinos were invented for the british colonial troops in India in the mid-19th century to replace the white uniform trousers, which were too easily sullied. They have become a staple the casual wardrobe, just as jeans have. They are making a major comeback this season in a sleek, refined version. In 100% wool flannel,  stretch wool twill or blend stretch cotton , it has a slightly slimmer cut than traditional chinos, and the material exudes great elegance. There are two version – classic styling or those with pince and coulisse. they can also be worn as casual slacks, with sneakers and denim shirt, or with an easy-wearing knit shirt jacket.

TAPERED. For more daring dressers, these pants offer a very studied nonchalance. Somewhat wider, in 100% wool or cotton, with a lower crotch and progressively slimmer fit down the leg, these are meant to be worn low-waisted, with footwear such us Derbys, without socks.

SWEATPANTS. Snug at the bottom with ribbed cuffs or not, made of wool and viscose, a soft, sophisticated fabric or jersey, these pants look perfect with a sweater and informal shoes, for an air of casual chic, and come in grey or dark blue.

Enjoy your pants.

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