"First of all you must like the knit you make... if you are ready to wear it, then it means also others will"
The story of EMMEGIERREFASHION is an Italian story, deeply tied to the north italian territory: Osio Sopra (Bergamo province, about 40 minutes drive from Milan) is where the company has its headquarters.
This family project began in 1962, when Erminio Vavassori and his wife Rosa opened a small knitwear laboratory. With the second generation, Gigi and Roberto Vavassori, Emmegierre turned its solid yarns, textile backgroung expertise into a tailoring and savoir faire concept based on an ongoing quest for great materials research and qualtitative workmanship, mostly under the "Made in Italy" basis, with contemporary and innovative blending together for an elegant yet casual, revisited menswear.
The company's mission is to protect and give continuity to all that has been built up over time, continuing to talk about quality, values, and putting the customer at the center of its strategies.
Fulcrum and pivot is always the KNIT, absolute protagonist, which season after season is interpreted and enriched with features and new combinations, integrated with the other, main product categories of men’s wardrobe (namely trousers, shirts, jackets, coats and accessories) to offer casual-inspired, chic collections, aimed at satisfying a contemporary man of sophisticated elegance.
HOSIO, a "timeless entry to Luxury Brands", was conceived in 2013 by Roberto Vavassori, third son of the founders Erminio Vavassori and Rosa Frigerio. The brand name comes from HOMME (man in French) and OSIO (the birth town of the brand and of its creator). The brand philosophy turns around knit, yarn and natural materials: starting from yarn, Roberto is able to reach a sophisticated and high quality product. HOSIO reshapes the foundations of the current market, conceived as a contamination of distinct segments: refined, sophisticated contemporary-classic, easy-chic and dandy lounge-wear.
A timeless entry to luxury brands

"Everything starts from yarn"